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Tim Archibald


Tim is a filmmaker and photographer from glorious Devon. Having worked on a number of projects, he came up with the bright idea to make a film in the mountains and managed to convince a bunch of other people that this was a good idea.

He's always wanted to see a bear. He isn't making this in Canada because then he might actually see a bear.


Constance Monnet


Constance is French. And as such, she exudes effortless style, grace and élan. And as such, the rest of us silently resent her.

She has also worked as a development executive at Montebello Productions and as the French Production Co-ordinator for Ralph Fiennes' upcoming feature "The White Crow".

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Emily Marquet


Emily is from Washington DC. We're not sure if the close proximity to politics influenced her obsession with the works of Shakespeare, or whether she was born that way. Either way, she's done a LOT of it. Her theatre adventures took her far and wide: from NYU Tisch to South Africa to Haiti; before she turned to the dark side - filmmaking. Somewhere along the way she fell in love with Production Design.

We haven't told her yet that Scottish films aren't all Scottish Plays.


Will Haigh

Sound recordist

Will Haigh hails from merry old Ipswich, a town famous for Thomas Wolsey and Bobby Robson. He has recorded sound for many projects including horror web series', council funded nonsensical videos and artsy 35mm short films.

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